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Welcome to Holly Place

Holly’s Place main mission is to provide positive mentor ship, developmental leadership skills to ensure that on-going support services are provided (social work, educational, career/vocational guidance, counseling, and residential support) to all members of the program seeking to transition from foster care to full independent living.

The program’s services will be guided by each participants goals as identified and agreed upon collaboratively between the participant and his or her County Social Worker which will be written in the participants Mutual Agreement and in the Needs and Service Plan.

Transitional Housing Placement-Plus Foster Care (THP+FC)

• Non-Minor Dependents 18-Year-Old and Up To Age 21
• CDSS/CCL Licensed Transitional Housing Placement Provider
• Supportive Services Based on TILP
• Child Welfare Worker must refer


To assist and support a NMD’s (non-minor dependent) transition from foster care to full independent living.

Establish lifelong connections to caring adults before transitioning to full independence from foster care.

Create a collaborative working relationship with a NMD.

Work proactively with a NMD in achieving his or her independent living goals as stated in the NMD‘s Mutual Agreement.

Allow a NMD to gain real life experience with independence.

Allow a NMD to learn from their mistakes and make necessary and successful corrections.

Provide a safety net for a NMD to experience a strength-based nurturing approach to help the NMD succeed toward independence from foster care.

To be considered for Transitional Housing Program